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Australia has a great history of innovation.  System Two provides investors access to some of the newest and most exciting businesses being developed in Australia today.

The platform’s listing requirements have been designed to ensure that companies offered are indeed “investment ready” and sufficient information is provided to assist in the investment decision-making process.


FOR entrepreneurs


Capital raising for entrepreneurs can be a lengthy, time consuming and often draining process.  This detracts from a founder’s ability to focus on the most important part, the development of the business.  System Two’s venture capital platform seeks to greatly reduce the fundraising timeframe, allowing for quick acceptance or quick feedback. 

Access by investors to System Two is by exclusive invitation, ensuring that only those parties that have the capacity, expertise and the willingness to invest are involved in the capital raising process.

The platform has been designed not only for capital raising, but to facilitate the establishment of relationships between the business and the investor; harnessing valuable expertise and experience.